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Stream Tube about us

We are a London based TV streaming company, providing the latest UK Pay TV offer NOW TV with all the latest NOW TV devices and Sky Entertainment Sport, Cinema and Kids channels plus BT Sport to English speakers all over the world.

Have you ever lived, worked or travelled outside the UK and missed watching your favourite TV shows in English? Or catch the latest action from the English Premier League?

Relocating outside the UK can be very daunting and one of the most difficult luxuries to let go is our UK TV. Us Brits love our TV and why not? It’s usually cold and raining outside! We love to sit in with the family or snuggle up to our loved one to watch our favourite shows or enjoy the latest releases from Hollywood.

Problem is you can’t receive Sky channels or even BBC’s iPlayer outside the UK due to licencing agreements. These channels are only available from within the UK, and require a UK address.

Previously, the only way to receive BBC or Sky broadcasts was with a very large satellite dish, not only costing a lot of money to setup but also and maintain. Installing a satellite dish also requires permission and landlords are usually against the idea, and some buildings are protected against having them altogether.

Stream-tube allows UK expats and native English speakers the opportunity to access all their favourite UK TV channels from broadcasters such as Sky TV, the BBC and even UK Netflix all through the NOW TV streaming platform.

NOW TV simply works with an internet connection. Our service does not require a satellite dish and is available throughout the world.

Stream-tube provides a secure platform for thousands of customers all over the world to access their favourite UK TV channels in full HD or with a compatible device, in full 4k Ultra HD.

Choose from the latest NOW TV devices and NOW TV packages and access your favourite UK channels from anywhere in the world.

Join our network of customers currently enjoying NOW TV from outside the UK today.

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